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Supported Data

Consolidate lets you document your curriculum in the following ways.


Courses let you organise several curriculums. For example, different stages of university.

  • Mark a course as default to load this course upon launching the app.
  • Add an end date to see the number of days you have remaining.
  • Mark courses as archived to keep them within the app.


  • Add multiple categories to lessons.
  • Mark categories as favourite to find them at the top of the list.
  • Select a colour to help you identify the category at a glance.


Lessons are the building blocks of your curriculum, and represent the topics you need to learn.

  • Optionally add a date, teacher, and location, to help you remember where and when you were taught it.
  • Add an ordered list of learning outcomes, which allow you to document which particular questions related to the topic you are required to know.
  • Add links to lecture slides, online resources, or other useful sites to help you when you get around to study it.

Study Sessions

However you decide to study your lesson, document what you have done by creating a study session.

  • Add the date and time of the study session.
  • Document how long you studied for.
  • Optionally, write notes of what you did.
  • Optionally, write notes about what you wish to do next.
  • Self-evaluate your current understanding of the lesson after this study session, by selecting one of the following:
    • No Understanding (red)
    • Some Understanding (orange)
    • Mostly Understand (yellow)
    • Complete Understanding (green)


Consolidate has been created as a native app for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS platforms.

Visual Design

  • The app uses system controls and elements, giving the app have a familiar look and feel and helping to ease the learning curve for new users.
  • Windows are fully resizable, with support for Stage Manager on iPadOS.
  • View smaller screens in popovers and resizable sheets to maximising screen space and allow you to see content behind.
  • Open multiple windows on supported platforms to browse several categories or lessons at once.
  • Interface adapts to light mode and dark mode.
  • Access commands from the menu bar, toolbar, context menu, or keyboard shortcut.

Helpful Features

  • Use Handoff to quickly switch devices and pick up from where you left off.
  • Consolidate seamlessly remembers and restores what you were doing in all your windows, even if the app was closed by the system in the background or has not been used in a while.

Using the App

Getting Started

  • A short, optional onboarding tutorial helps new users to get started with the app.

Browsing Lessons

  • View lessons in a multicolumn table on macOS and iPadOS, to view more information about your lessons and instantly sort the list to your liking.
  • Sort lessons by title, date, study count, progress, or last studied date.
  • Select multiple lessons using the system two finger gesture, to open, organise, share, or delete lessons in batches.
  • Filter lessons by additional categories to customise your view.
  • Use the search field to find a specific lesson quickly.

Adding/Editing Data

  • Quickly add multiple lessons at once by keeping the add lesson open.
  • Import lessons from events in your device‚Äôs calendar.
  • Import lessons from a .classes file within the Files app.
  • Add learning outcomes in batches by copying a list from a document. Automatically remove bullet points and numbers, and separate outcomes by a comma, semicolon, or new line.
  • Duplicate up to 20 copies of a lesson at once, with options to copy notes, categories, learning outcomes, and links.

Your Data

Data Storage

Your curriculum data is stored in the following places:

  • A database stored locally on your device. This database is deleted upon uninstall of the app.
  • Within your personal iCloud account. This allows backup and syncing of your data between personal devices. This data can be removed from Settings.

Data Transfer

Your data can be exported to a .classes file type to be transfered between devices.

Accessibility Features

Consolidate supports many features to help the app to be accessible to all users.

  • Use VoiceOver to navigate the user interface without visual cues.
  • Text adapts to the selected Dynamic Type size.
  • Use of system-defined colours for buttons and headers helps to improve contrast with the background.

Consolidate Across the System

Consolidate has been designed for Apple platforms. It integrates with several system experiences.

Widgets and Complications

  • Progress: View statistics for a selected category.
    • Displayed information:
      • Total lessons
      • Total study time
      • Average progress
    • Widget locations:
      • Home Screen (small)
      • Lock Screen (rectangular)
      • StandBy (small)
      • Smart Stack
      • Complications (rectangular, inline)
  • Live Study: View current live study details.
    • Displayed Information:
      • Live Study duration
      • Live Study goal (medium, large, extra large widgets only)
      • Live Study learning outcome (large, extra large widgets only)
    • Actions:
      • Pause/Resume (small, medium, large, extra large widgets only)
      • Previous/Next Learning Outcome (large, extra large widgets only)
    • Widget locations:
      • Home Screen (small, medium, large, extra large)
      • Lock Screen (inline, rectangular, circular)
      • StandBy (small)
      • Smart Stack
      • Complications (inline, rectangular, circular, corner)

Live Activities

  • Live Study: View current live study details.
    • Displayed Information:
      • Live Study duration
      • Live Study goal
    • Actions:
      • Pause/Resume

Siri Shortcuts

  • Add Lesson: Add a lesson to a given course.
  • Add Category: Add a category to a given course.


  • Search for lessons and tags within Spotlight.
  • Preview lesson and tag details using Quick Look within Spotlight search results.


Consolidate supports the following languages:

  • English
  • English (U.K.)

System Requirements

Consolidate supports the following operating systems:

  • macOS 14.0 Sonoma or later.
  • iOS 17.0 or later.
  • iPadOS 17.0 or later.
  • watchOS 10.0 or later.

Learn more about why older operating systems are not supported.