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What does Consolidate Do?

There is not a one-size fits all method for studying. Some people prefer writing summary sheets, making flashcards, or answering questions.

No matter which way you like to learn, it is important that you know everything you need to, and do not miss anything out. Consolidate can help you to with this using three steps:

  1. List everything you need to learn, so you can get an overview of your curriculum in one place.
  2. Keep track of how well you know each part of your course.
  3. Easily see which lessons require more work, to help you decide how to prioritise your studying.

How do I download?

Consolidate can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Mac App Store.

Download on the App Store

Where is my data saved?

Your data is saved in two places:

  • Locally on your device
  • Online, on Apple servers, linked to your iCloud account.

No information is accessible by or shared to anyone else.

Do I need an internet connection?

You do not need an internet connection to use the vast majority of the features of Consolidate. The only features which require an internet connection are:

  • Downloading and updating the app from the App Store.
  • Syncing your data between devices over iCloud.
  • Donating a tip to support the development.

How much does Consolidate cost?

Consolidate is free to download and use.

As a student myself, I understand money can be tight, so do not believe this should be a barrier to educational resources. If you have enjoyed the app, and are able to give support, there is an option within the app to leave a tip. There is no obligation to do this, and does not unlock any new features, but will help to cover some of the development costs.

Why do you only support the latest operating systems?

Consolidate is developed by a one-person team. I would love to be able to support more operating system versions, however do not currently have the resources to adequately test and maintain the app across these to a standard I would consider acceptable.

Older versions of Consolidate (formerly Classes) are still available to download from the App Store. These versions do not have the latest features and are no longer being maintained. The minimum requirements to download a previous version are: iOS 14.0, iPadOS 14.0, macOS 11.0 Sonoma, and watchOS 7.0.