Track your curling performance and see how you can improve your game.

Available August 2024


Record and organise curling games

Easily record and analyse your curling games from any device. Add details such as your opponents and team position, and organise your games into competitions.

Add scorecards

Easily add end scores using intuitive controls, with support for tiebreakers. Use the interactive chart to see how the score changed over time. Alternatively, add the overall score for the game to track wins, losses, and draws.

Analyse performance

Gain more insight into your game, by discovering the number of stolen ends, hammer and force efficiency, and more.


View performance across the season

View an overview of your performance across the season, across many domains. Discover strengths and weaknesses in your game, and tips on how to improve them.

Gain rich insights

Filter your data by competition, team position, and dates to get a more focused insight. For example, see how your end win rate varies with your position.


Work towards awards

Work towards goals and celebrate your achievements. Share your awards with friends to motivate the community!*

All Features

CurlStats has been designed exclusively for Apple devices. It has been designed to be intuitive, accessible, and familiar.

Supported Technologies

  • iCloud
  • Works offline
  • Light and dark appearance
  • Open multiple windows
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • VoiceOver
  • Dynamic Type
  • State restoration
  • Widgets*
  • Live Activities*
  • Shortcuts*
  • Spotlight*


CurlStats for iPhone, iPad, and Mac will be available in August.

CurlStats for Apple Vision Pro, Apple Watch, and Apple TV will be available later this year.

Additional updates will be released on the Blog.

* Available later this year.